Help, My Child Wants to Write a Book!

taught by Cassandra Freeman
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Cassandra Freeman
Cassandra Freeman
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Hi there! My name is Cassandra Freeman and I am the founder of Thoughtful Inspirations and KidsCanVote. I am a certified motivational speaker and a Never Give Up coach. I help individuals and families never give up and to become the ultimate success story that they crave in life. I am so a Personal Development coach that helps women and families to become their best selves. I can't wait to help you succeed!

Do you have a child who wants to write a book? Or maybe they already have a book written? I will show you step by step how you can help your child write their first book. From the writing to publishing...and even marketing, I help take the mystery out of the self-publishing process so that you can help your child build their dreams!

Course Contents

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1 Survey
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