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Welcome to Never Give Up Academy!

Where Cassandra (and other chosen experts) help you to bridge the gap between your doubts and dreams.

Get the strategies you need to never give up on your dreams.

Join us in class as Cassandra teaches practical and insightful subjects pertaining to all things dream building. We'll be diving into topics like hesitation, dream endurance, the science of appreciation and more.

Who's it for?

For creators and creative entrepreneurs.

It’s for goal getters, dream builders, high achievers, or people who are in love with personal development. For anyone who is ready to make their goals happen, develop their never give up mindset, or elevate their life. This is a practical and insightful approach to growing, creating, thriving into your best self. If you love growing and being intentional about your self-education and your transforming into your best self, if you’re someone who wants to build your best life, if you’re someone who is passionate about changing the world, this is for you.


Your Instructor

Cassandra Freeman

Hi there! My name is Cassandra Freeman and I am the founder of Thoughtful Inspirations and KidsCanVote. I am a certified motivational speaker. I am also a certified Neurolingustic and Purpose Life Coach. I help individuals and families build their dreams and never give up. It is my joy to teach personal development and dream building strategies to those who want to live their dream lives. My aim is to always help women and families to become their best selves. I can't wait to help you succeed!

Check Out This Year at a Glance

Not only will we be diving into this topics, but your monthly plans comes with these things: Bonus videos, workshops, and audios to help you digest the teachings, book club, and never give up activities to keep you going strong.

Create the Life and Mental Toughness You Want

We don't just talk about the inspiration, Cassandra teaches Positive Psychology principles and breaks down the science for each live monthly topic.